Spres Parts


Shutting down the equipment for equipment maintenance and replacement of spare parts is an indispensable link in the use of equipment. But whether it is a factory or a scientific research unit, the shorter the downtime, the smaller the impact on production efficiency/scientific research efficiency. If the technical support and spare parts from the factory can be obtained quickly, the time for shutting down the equipment can be greatly reduced.

In order to reduce the impact of equipment maintenance on customers, VULCAN has built a first-class spare parts warehouse and a huge and efficient product data center to ensure that all spare parts, technical documents, and operating specifications can be quickly delivered to customers.

About Spare Parts

VULCAN spare parts, like all the parts that make up VULCAN electric furnaces, come from first-class suppliers and have been inspected by VULCAN for many times. At the same time, we ensure that we provide the best price for our customers through bulk purchases.

About the Data Center

VULCAN has established a first-class product and customer data center to store every purchase file of VULCAN electric furnace global customers. This ensures that any problems encountered by VULCAN electric furnace customers, whether it is electric furnace upgrade, repair, replacement of spare parts, can be quickly and effectively responded. VULCAN’s experienced technical team can timely obtain the status of customers’ products currently in use, their service life, and the replacement of wearing parts, and quickly formulate solutions to ensure that customers’ production or scientific research can be carried out stably for a long time.

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