Vulcan Muffle furnace is exported to the United States

Vulcan Muffle furnace is exported to the United States

Vulcan Muffle furnace is exported to the United States

Muffle furnace

The Muffle furnace provided by Vulcan furnace is exported to a semiconductor company in the United States

Amidst the intense competition within the global semiconductor industry, there is a growing demand for precise process control and high-quality equipment. As a technology pioneer in the industry, a certain American semiconductor company required the procurement of a high-precision and high-stability muffle furnace.

The original muffle furnace was gradually showing limitations in temperature control accuracy, furnace atmosphere control, and stability. To achieve more precise thin film deposition, oxidation, annealing, and other processes, the company has decided to purchase a muffle furnace with a temperature control accuracy of ± 0.5 ℃, capable of achieving high vacuum (<10 ^ -6 Pa), and equipped with an intelligent control system.

After multiple rounds of technical comparisons, case studies, and on-site inspections, the client ultimately collaborated with Vulcan Furnace. The Muffle furnace‘s offered by Vulcan Furnace not only precisely match the required technical specifications but also feature customized furnace chamber sizes, an energy-efficient design, and remote monitoring and data analysis capabilities, aligning with the company’s forward-looking strategy for future intelligent production. Following thorough discussions, both parties finalized a procurement contract that stipulates equipment configuration, delivery schedules, installation and commissioning, and after-sales support.

To ensure a smooth acceptance process, the client has developed a comprehensive acceptance protocol, equipped with advanced testing tools such as high-precision temperature calibrators and vacuum testing instruments, and established a joint acceptance team comprised of technical, quality control, and operational departments. Additionally, Vulcan Furnace has dispatched technical experts to provide technical assistance for the forthcoming acceptance activities.

1.Appearance and packaging inspection: Initially, the acceptance team verifies the integrity of the equipment’s outer packaging, then meticulously inspects the muffle furnace‘s appearance to ascertain any damage from transportation.
2.Temperature control accuracy: By establishing multiple temperature points and comparing them with calibrated thermometers, the team verifies that the temperature control system meets the accuracy requirement of ± 0.5 ℃.
3.Vacuum degree test: The furnace door is closed, the vacuum pump is activated, and the vacuum degree is monitored and recorded using a vacuum meter, ensuring it meets the standard of 10 ^ -6 Pa.
4.Heating uniformity: Multiple temperature sensors are positioned within the furnace to measure the temperature differences at each point upon reaching the maximum temperature, with a requirement that these differences do not exceed ± 2 ℃.
5.Control system verification: Simulating actual operations, the team tests the accuracy of program control, alarms, and data recording functions.
6.Safety performance inspection: The team verifies that safety devices such as furnace door seals, overheating protection, and emergency stops are functioning correctly.
7.Document review: Ensure that the equipment’s user manual, quality assurance certificate, and factory inspection reports are complete and comply with the contractual requirements.

After a comprehensive and meticulous testing process, the Vulcan furnace’s Muffle furnace demonstrated outstanding performance in all key indicators, successfully passing the acceptance inspection. Subsequently, the Vulcan furnace’s technical team provided assistance with installation and debugging, as well as thorough training to operators, to ensure the equipment is used correctly and efficiently.

Muffle furnace
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