Vulcan Lifting Resistance Furnace: Features & Applications

Vulcan Lifting Resistance Furnace: Features & Applications

Vulcan Lifting Resistance Furnace: Features & Applications

Vulcan Lifting Resistance Furnace: Features & Applications

Lifting Resistance Furnace: Comprehensive Overview

Design and Variants:

1. This series, also known as bell furnaces, features two lifting methods: lifting the furnace body or the furnace bottom. These furnaces come in square and round shapes.

Materials and Temperature Configurations:

2. Depending on the required temperatures, we equip the furnace lining with various refractory materials like light mullite and alumina hollow balls. Heating elements are similarly tailored, including options like silicon molybdenum rods and silicon carbide rods.

3. Insulation is provided by lightweight insulation bricks and high-quality aluminum silicate refractory fiber cotton.

Temperature Control and Safety Features:

4. The temperature control uses PID adjustable intelligent instruments. These can program multiple segments for precise product firing control. Features include overcurrent, current limiting, and overheating protection.

5. An automatic power-off function activates when the furnace door opens, maximizing user safety.

Efficiency and Usability:

6. Compared to standard box furnaces, this equipment boasts more uniform temperature distribution, enhanced safety, and easier loading/unloading.

Furnace Construction and Performance: The hearth, made entirely of fiber products, offers rapid heating (20-40 minutes), energy efficiency, and precise temperature control (±1°C). Its insulation performance and microcomputer control facilitate automatic heating, preservation, cooling, and programmatic stopping. Features include over-temperature protection and no need for constant supervision. Hydraulic lifting and the downward-facing furnace mouth allow for high-temperature operation and cyclic use.

Applications: Ideal for high-temperature tasks, this furnace suits chemical analyses and physical determinations in industrial, research, and academic settings. It’s widely used in battery materials, electronic ceramics, magnetic materials, non-ferrous metals, and chemical raw materials for research and small batch production.

Advanced Temperature Control:

  • Accuracy: ±1°C
  • Uniformity: ±1°C
  • Fully automatic microcomputer control enables programming of multi-stage heating, holding, and cooling curves.

Efficiency and Stability:

  • Fast heating and high energy efficiency.
  • High precision and stability in temperature control.
  • Excellent thermal insulation, with the furnace body temperature close to room temperature.

Construction Quality and Operation:

  • Furnace constructed with imported Morgan fiber, ensuring superior thermal insulation, shock resistance, and tolerance to rapid temperature changes.
  • Fully automatic hydraulic lifting system allows the furnace mouth to face downward, enabling high-temperature operation and cyclic use.

Temperature Range Options:

  • Available in 1000°C, 1200°C, 1400°C, 1600°C, 1700°C, and 1800°C categories.

Vulcan Furnace’s Commitment:

At Vulcan Furnace, we prioritize innovation and quality. Our furnaces are crafted with precision and care, reflecting our dedication to excellence in every aspect.

Contact Vulcan Furnace:

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Join us in advancing the field of electric furnace technology and contributing to efficient, high-quality production.

Vulcan Lifting Resistance Furnace Features Applications
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